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2019 Impact

Dear Friends,

We are grateful for your ongoing support of The Indy Learning Team. Our efforts are driven by the belief that all kids deserve access to reading. The same access our own kids and grandkids often take for granted. As we began our journey to provide access to reading in 2015, we saw many programs come and go in communities. Learning to read is a years long process, and building a reading culture in communities requires lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between adults and students. 

The Indy Learning Team’s impact can be felt in big successes, like 80% of our kindergarten students at the MLK Center reading on grade level (at a school where only 5% pass standardized tests) or a 21% increase in on-grade-level reading skills over the 6 weeks summer alone at Like A Lion. 

We also feel small victories. A first grade student telling us her tutor is her best friend. A student saying “you gave me this book and my dad and I read it at home all the time.” Tutors we have trained telling us the personal pride they feel with their new skills. The satisfied smile of a first grader that no one else would work with, who can now write her name and say all the letters in the alphabet. 

This year we held our first Early Literacy Symposium. We had an overwhelming response of attendees, but also requests for more training. So in 2020, we are expanding to an at least 4 part workshop series. This is in addition to our weekly work with our community center and preschool partners, 1-1 tutoring, tutor training, book distribution, a new drop-in literacy program AND have you checked out our Book Bundles only at Kids Ink?!

So much need, so much opportunity. We see literacy practices taking root and are excited to see where the journey takes us. We hope you will consider supporting our students once again. 100% of all contributions go directly to support children. Any contribution is appreciated. Please visit us at or @theindylearningteam to learn more. Thank you for your consideration.


Susan Appel Julie Moeller

Executive Director Director of Preschool Programs

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