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Concept of Word

Julie and this preschool student are practicing concept of word. Concept of word refers to the ability of a reader to match spoken words to written words while reading. Students with a concept of word understand that each word is separate, and that words are separated by a space within each sentence.

Concept of word is a crucial beginning reading skill. Bear and Barone 1998

The development of concept of word as a pivotal event in learning to read because it facilitates the development of sight vocabulary and the development of phonological and phonemic awareness. Henderson (1981, 1990) also suggested the development of concept of word facilitates the development of phonemic awareness, a skill that has been credited in the literature (National Reading Panel, 2000) as instrumental in the development of

literacy skill.

"Developing Concept of Word The Work of Emergent Readers" by Susan E. Gately provides more detailed information.

Research in Action

The Indy Learning Team and our preschool partners not only practice concept of word regularly. It is also included in our preschool literacy assessment. Our assessment used to identify students who are at risk and specific areas students need extra practice.

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