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Favorite Five: Let's Get Organized

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

For the last five years, The Indy Learning Team has partnered to bring access to literacy. A global pandemic has created new challenges to achieving this mission. So we are going to jump up, stay true to our values and start trying to achieve this mission from a safe social distance.

Starting this week and each week following, we are partnering with MLK Center Indy to deliver our Favorite Five activities to households receiving meal delivery (70 and counting). Will this solve the challenge of students being out of school for weeks? No. But it is a place to start.

One of our values is making literacy experiences easy. We do this with our partners by selecting and prepping materials. This is a value we look to as we pick 5 things from an overwhelming amount of online resources and send printed versions to families. Interested in our Favorite Five this week? Check them out below.

Instruction Sheets: Preschool | Grade K-1st | Grade 2nd-3rd | Grade 4th +

1. MATH:

- Preschool: Shape hunt

2. Word Work:

- Preschool: Alphabet chart

- Preschool: Get Out of The Wagon Rhyming Game


4. READ:

Read aloud for 20 mins or watch read aloud book

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