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From Our Team: Josefa Beyer

The Indy Learning Team provided scholarship for Ms. Josefa's OG training, provides scholarships for her to tutor 4 students twice a week and monthly stipend for books for her students

"Working with my two second-grade students via Zoom has been an eye-opening experience. While it took time to draw out these wonderful boys, who I have met in person only once, they have become as dedicated to the work as I am. I bring the Orton-Gillingham teaching method, with its letter cards, drills, red words, rules about spelling and syllables, and of course, stories. My students bring their own knowledge, curiosity, and hard work. They listen, learn, question, and practice, practice, practice.

The Indy Learning Team's library packs and book gifts give children a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction to explore during daily reading time. Because of TILT's book gifts, we had chapter books that interested the boys and were challenging but not daunting. Some boys sometimes moan when I ask them to read aloud with me. But not now. They are getting used to reading as part of our culture. Thanks, TILT, for nudging us to read more and by providing books that matter to kids.

While I have much more to teach my students, my ultimate success is to become obsolete. The work is designed to empower students to figure out the things that puzzle them and to propel themselves forward in reading, in school, and in life."

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