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From Our Team: Kayla Nunnally

The Indy Learning Team provided scholarship for Kayla's OG training and provides scholarships for her to tutor 3 students twice a week.

The Indy Learning Team is supporting schools, students and communities with what is needed. For me personally, I have tutored for a very long time but haven't had formal training. I am so grateful for the opportunity for Orton-Gillingham training because I have seen the need for very specific evidence-based instruction for students. I know a lot of times schools have trouble giving every single student what they need when they serve so many students. Being a tutor, you are in that role to make sure students get what they need. I have found OG is effective with everyone.

One of my students said to me out of nowhere, "the tutoring helped him get better at math. I can understand the directions." That's powerful. Students are getting the 1-1 instruction they need and are growing. They feel the growth. I see students feeling more confident. They say they are excited to be here and say that they love reading."

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