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MidYear Progress Monitoring: Mt. Zion Academy

K-3 graders all showed growth in literacy skills

Learning to read is like planting and seed helping it slowly grow. Our mid-year progress assessment at Mt. Zion Academy showed this slow growth for all the K-3 grade students in our morning reading support program.⠀

2nd grade student increased 5 reading levels in just one semester!

More Stories of Growth

While 5 reading level growth is amazing, many students have more incremental growth. A couple of our first grade students have been working very hard, but haven't seen the growth in their reading level. They have seen big growth into the skills which go into reading: letter sounds, rhyming, being able to hear the beginning middle and ending sounds. It is a reminder that students cannot read if they don't have the skills needed to read.

Ms. Janie works with them three mornings a week. Her systematic lessons includes the Big 5 reading skills (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension). All students should growth in phonemic awareness and letter knowledge skills. Look forward to see what grows from these strong roots!

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