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Reflections From Our Newest Reading Specialist

In partnership with the MLK Center, we are training Black Orton-Gillingham reading specialists to close the opportunity gap and give all students access to literacy. Below are reflections on the impact from our most recent trainees.

“The training was beyond valuable. As an educator, I have seen disproportionate amounts of gaps, blocks, and obstacles within our education system. Our children aren’t failing but we are failing them. It wasn’t until I took the Orton Gillingham training that I was able to begin to give effective interventions for my most vulnerable students.

I have begun implementing these practices in my classroom and I am already seeing amazing results. I have a student who hated when we began reading instruction because he always felt defeated. Since implementing OG my scholars are now excelling at an alarming rate and eager to learn. On a daily you will observe them not wanting their OG portion of the day to end.

If it had not been for the Indy Learning Team and @mlkcenterindy taking the initiative and paying for this training then my 27 scholars would still be hating the thought of reading.”

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