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Week 4: Favorite Five

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

We select our Favorite Five activities you can do each week to support your students learning.

Complete Favorite Five listed below. Missed last week's Favorite Five? You can access all activities here.

Instruction Sheets: Preschool | Grade K-1st | Grade 2nd-3rd | Grade 4th +

1. MATH:

- Preschool: Measuring Cup Math

- K- 3rd grade: Addition Bingo

- 4+ -6th: Multiplication Bingo

2. Word Work:

- Preschool: Compound Word Search

- K-3rd: Plurals!

- K-3rd: Plural Game

- 4th- 6th: Plural Pockets


Creative Writing with Professor Watermelon:

- Join a class

- Try a story starter!

4. READ:

Read aloud for 20 mins or watch read aloud book

5. Journal: You Are Making History: Global Pandemic Guide

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