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Indiana, USA
Description: Join Professor Watermelon on Zoom twice a week for Creative Writing Club. At each online meeting, you will explore details and facts about a featured PERSON, PLACE or THING (like Amelia Earhart, Costa Rica or Flamingos). After this newly uncovered knowledge has sunk in, Professor Watermelon will show you how to use that knowledge as your MUSE (inspiration) for stories and art. You will learn how to create characters, twist plots and design settings. With Professor Watermelon, the World of Creative Writing is at your fingertips. Join today, and let your imagination SOAR!  
When: Every Tuesday and Thursday in April from 3:30 - 4:05
Ages: Kindergarten-6th grade
Cost: $100 for all 10 meetings 


The day before each meeting, look for an email from Professor Watermelon with details and bonus materials. Meetings are 35 minutes long, however the Creative Writing FUN can last for hours. Please feel free to email the Professor at anytime with questions or concerns. You can reach him at prof.watermelon@gmail.com  

Online Creative Writing Club: 10 Sessions