The Indy Learning Team partners to provide access to evidence-based literacy training and instruction so students have strong literacy foundation and communities develop literacy resources.

We build strong early literacy foundations, employment opportunities and awareness of literacy research through executing low-cost, systematic, evidence-based literacy programs and trainings with community partners.

Our programs include:

  • Year-round literacy instruction programs targeting K-3rd grade students

  • Training

    • Bringing reading science into literacy instruction & experiences​

    • Phonological awareness

    • More effective read alouds

    • Print and word awareness

    • Using assessment to inform instruction and parent engagement

    • Early writing

    • Book making

  • 1 hour literacy experiences: reading and writing for your students by a The Indy Learning Team member

  • 1-1 Tutoring scholarship program providing scholarships for tutor training and student tutoring

  • Preschool reading readiness programs

  • Book lists for classrooms and at-home subscriptions

  • Book distributions