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We Belong To Each Other

We Belong To Each Other(Mother Teresa)

In the journey that has been 2020, I find myself falling back on the belief that We Belong To Each Other. The way we gather and support each other has drastically changed. But the need for us to show up and support each other is greater than ever.

To say that I have been inspired by the response of our community center partners is an understatement. They showed up from the first moment of the pandemic and have done whatever it takes to serve the need including giving away their own computers so students had computers for e-learning.

As we head back to school, in a year like never before, they are still showing up raising money and hiring staff so students and families have a place for remote school, after school, support and enrichment. Through our partnerships we are providing (mostly free of charge to students and partners), 1-1 tutoring, weekly creative writing and illustration class, Story Spot in A Bag, Ms. Amber's Story Spots, giving away lots of books and more.

In the spirit of We Belong To Each Other, we have partnered with Indy Reads selecting monthly books. Your purchase gets you a great book and puts a high quality diverse book in the hands of students in our community. Books selections this month include Ruby Finds A Worry, King & Kayla and Piecing Me Together. Please consider making a purchase today, sending it to a friend or sharing on your social media. (your purchase supports Indy Reads, The Indy Learning Team and directly puts books in hands of students).

Below we have put links to some of our partners. Their social media sites shares their journey to support students and families. You can follow our journey on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We Belong To Each Other.

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