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Cheer, Rally, Respond

Written by tutor Ms Margaret

Throwback photo before Zoom Tutoring!

I see my role as not only a teacher/tutor, but as a cheerleader. I must continue to encourage her and to celebrate her successes.

I recently read the article, Are We Losing a Generation of Children to Remote Learning? This one quote hit home & inspired me in my work with my student. The author, Ginia Bellafante said that what children ultimately need, and what the deadening constraints of Zoom learning cannot adequately transmit, is exuberance; children need to feel championed.

She quoted Lucy Calkins, a professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College & one of the best-known experts on literacy. She said,”They need people to see what they are doing, to cheer them on, to rally them to care and respond.”

My perspective has changed a bit as I now see even more how important it is to bring enthusiasm to our sessions and to continue to congratulate her on any and all small steps she takes forward.

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