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Dialogic Reading Works

Did you know how you read to your children is as important as how often you read to them?

Children who have been read to dialogically are substantially ahead of children who have been read to traditionally on tests of language development.

" In dialogic reading, the adult helps the child become the teller of the story. The adult becomes the listener, the questioner, the audience for the child. No one can learn to play the piano just by listening to someone else play. Likewise, no one can learn to read just by listening to someone else read. Children learn most from books when they are actively involved.

The fundamental reading technique in dialogic reading is the PEER sequence. This is a short interaction between a child and the adult. The adult:

Prompts the child to say something about the book,

Evaluates the child's response,

Expands the child's response by rephrasing and adding information to it, and

Repeats the prompt to make sure the child has learned from the expansion."

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