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Virtual Tutoring Journal

This is the first of our weekly virtual tutoring journal entry. Our goal is to share our experiences, the highs and lows, of virtual tutoring. It is a marathon.

Today's note is a reminder about the bigger WHY we are tutoring. The shame often felt with reading struggle and the power we have to change those feelings.

In our sessions, I feel resistance from my student(rushing, sighing, eye closing, plus skipping and mumbling words she knows) and so I begin this lesson by asking her why we were here.
She replies, because she is stupid. I say, no, not true--emphatically. She is smart and very knowledgeable. We are going to work on the things she hasn’t learned yet and do it in a way that is based on how the brain works. I tell her that I want her to be happy with her reading, content at school and grow into a powerful adult in whatever field she chooses.
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