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Reading Achievement is Possible

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Providing access to literacy instruction

This smile shows the pride and enjoyment of being able to read. He is playing bingo with the spelling patterns he just learned. Combining direct instruction with fun practice has challenge the way he views learning to read.

“For many children, especially children living in poverty, the future is bleak. We know that there is a high correlation between living in poverty and low reading achievement. And yet few children receive educational services during their early childhood year.” McGee & Richgels Designing Early Literacy Programs.

Research In Action

The Indy Learning Team partners to provide access to evidenced based literacy instruction and training so students have strong literacy foundation and communities develop literacy resources. This student works with a The Indy Learning team reading specialist 2 mornings a week in addition to 1 hour after school 3 days a week. This additional instruction has transformed him from a frustrated struggling reader to a proud growing reader!

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