Gaining Knowledge

Amber & Laura weekly literacy training to improve access to evidence-based literacy instruction

Amber and Laura working hard to improve access to evidence-based literacy instruction

It takes a lot of knowledge to teach the structure of our language to students. Every Saturday Amber has been spending 4 hours in Orton-Gillingham training continuing to develop her skills as a Multi-sensory Education Specialists.

Greater intensity and duration of instruction is required because the increased explicitness of instruction for children who are at risk for reading failure requires that more things be taught directly. Torgesen “Catch Them Before They Fall”

Research In Action

The Indy Learning Team partners with Multi-Sensory Education solutions to provide training to improve access to explicit systematic reading instruction. This includes an $800 scholarship for Amber to participate in the intensive training. The impact of this scholarship provides Amber with the skills impact not only the students she directly tutors, but all the children in the MLK Center after school program. It also gives Amber valuable training and income opportunities.

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